This is How E.Ts Track & Monitor Contactees?… The Amazing Capabilities of Alien Implants!

Steve and Robbie look at the current evidence of Alien Implants and examine the reported findings through scientific analysis of some of these strange small objects that seemingly have been placed within the body’s of Abductees and have the capability to evade the body’s natural biological defense system. Steve and Robbie also examine the claims of the late Dr. Roger Leir and possible advanced technologies. Featuring special guests, researcher and author Kathleen Marden and Yvonne R. Smith.





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2 thoughts on “This is How E.Ts Track & Monitor Contactees?… The Amazing Capabilities of Alien Implants!”

  1. humans have put millions of self-replicating self-assembling graphene nanobots with 5G communication abilities in the covid vaccines, but aliens can’t come up with a smaller tracking device than those implants.

  2. Not surprising that the body doesn’t fight an implant: We implant medical devices and extract fluids everyday with no problems – so it’s a non starter; even hyperbole.


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