The Alien Abduction Phenomenon – Physical Marks, Phobias & Missing Time | Barbara Lamb

The phenomenon of alien abduction has been rigorously studied for decades. Among the researchers who has collected a mountain of data through thousands of regressions of ET contact encounters is Barbara Lamb. In this revealing discussion, Barbara explains the typical “markers” abductees share in common. Among them are waking up with physical marks on their bodies, extreme phobias and the VERY common phenomenon of missing time. Barbara also describes what is known as “highway hypnosis.” Many say they’ve experienced what seemed like missing time while driving, BUT in some cases are these actual abductions? Barbara will outline frequently reported scenarios that fall into one or more of these categories. This interview was conducted as part of the research for Alexis Brooks’ lecture delivered in Australia in 2020: Unconscious Contact – Are You an Experiencer and Don’t Know It?




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