The World Inside Our Planet – Another Sun and Human Civilization Exist Inside The Earth

The Hollow Earth theory has been brought up almost daily in conspiracy theory communities as it is one of the few theories that is backed up by actual data and even pictures taken by the satellites that circle Earth.

For some reason, though there are plenty of people that dispute this theory as it being too absurd, which is quite unusual, to say the least.

Basically said, this theory implies that, as the name implies, the Earth is hollow on the inside, hiding a whole civilization underground, and that they even have their very own sun to warm them up similar to ours.

This theory is backed up by a huge hole that was discovered in the ice of the North Pole that supposedly goes all the way to the interior of our planet.

Another similar hole was even discovered on Venus which scientists have stated could imply has the same purpose in the long run.

This theory is also supported by the thousands of artifacts that we’ve discovered from the past that imply that humanity did interact with alien-like lifeforms before, but if this theory is correct they are not as “alien” in nature as we figured they were in the first place.

People such as the esteemed Admiral Richard Byrd has talked about this theory, legitimizing its claims, even going as far as to report that he did meet Inner Earth beings and that he considered them peaceful and non-hostile.

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