Jim Green, the chief science officer of NASA issued a new statement claiming that the European Space Agency will be able to discover alien life on the planet Mars in the oncoming months.

According to Jim Green, the discovery is to occur before 2021, at a convenient time that the whole world is ready for acceptance of life of aliens on planet Mars.

This was revealed by an interview held by The Daily Telegraph with Mr. Green, the chief science officer of NASA, and he further stated that there will be a complete change in life of the people forever once the announcement of the alien life is formally made.

Mr. Green expressed his interest in the manner, although he does not see anybody is ready for this and therefore his statements are rejected by them.

Mr. Green is one of the key personalities of NASA and he was directly involved in the process of drilling which had been in progress on Mars in 2020.

As per Mr. Green, the ExoMars rover which is from ESA is to collect samples of these alien forms and bring them here to the Earth and the news will be distributed to the people.

He further stated that mars does not stand alone with life but Venus too might be full of life.

We are not the only technologically improved nation to be there, and that is the reason behind for Jim to believe that there are no one considering the number of stars there.

Source of the information: https://alienstar.net