The Story Of 2082

With so many futuristic films being created, that point us in the wrong direction, a direction of self-destruction and control, the robotic world of limited existence. Bobbie has created a short story, a future of unending possibilities enhancing telepathic, telekinetic and teleporting skills, so we can never be controlled again. A future that she has been told and shown to be an easily reached potential for all on Earth if we all choose to do the inner work. This series of video is an ongoing opportunity for Bobbie to write and talks about the messages she received from benevolent beings to help us out of our old programming that serves only a few. Teaching us to create a reality that enhances many to have what we want and create a better world. This is part of her new book Codes To A New Reality, still to be published in 2020 – 21. Codes To A New Reality is series of messages channeled through Bobbie Richardson. Bobbie is here to help others find there way through the maze of self-doubt and illusion towards a reality created from within and in reflection to build a new way of living in a higher frequency here on Earth. Time to center self and take the reigns living in a balanced harmony within and in reflection in physical form. Enjoy the ride!

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