The Soul Chooses The Family and Friends Before Birth

As we all know by now before we are even born the soul tends to basically determine which family we will belong to and what friends we will have along the way in our new life.

After choosing those that it will surround itself with it will enter the fetus around 49 days through its development and more specifically through the pineal gland which is basically the portal to our inner selves and the gateway between our body and our mind.

The human consciousness is a result of the soul’s eternal journey through the cosmos, a cycle of never-ending death and rebirth, loss of memory, and in some cases only small-time amnesia that will eventually fade away and allow us to remember our past through our dreams.

Our mind cannot comprehend this though which is why we end up forgetting our dreams so soon after we wake up, the abundance of information there is too much, even over spilling at times which is why the brain removes all of the memories so early on.

This contract is a deal that we cannot go up against, the souls choose our lives and delete their own memory so they don’t break the sacred bond between the inner mind and the outer mind.

On the inside we are eternal, we are everlasting and undead, but this is too much for our mere brain to process so we purposely handicap ourselves to avoid overloading.


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