The Smartest Kid on Earth Explains “What God is” (Video)

The Smartest Kid on Earth Explains “What God is” (VIDEO)

Max Loughan is known as the smartest kid in the world and also the next Nikola Tesla because of his overall intellect and his incredibly diverse set of skills.

He is by far one of the most knowledgeable humans on Earth at the moment despite the fact that he is only fourteen years old, and only last year he came out with an insane discovery.

He claimed the fact that God, to him and to most any other intellectual on this planet, is not some bearded man in the sky looking down on us from above the clouds.

According to him, God is the energy that flows through us, we were created and molded by it and it is us at the same time.

We are simultaneously the ones that created life and the ones that profit off of each. He also stated that religious teachings tell a metaphorical version of all of this and that it shouldn’t be taken literally.

He is so smart that at the age of thirteen he was speaking in public about the nature of the universe and alternate realities.

He even invented a free energy device that harnesses energy from radio waves which he admittedly took from Nikola Tesla’s own principles which he based his life’s work on.

He is currently admitted to college-level online courses at MIT at the age of 14 and he still believes in his theory.


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  1. Everything is energy…your aura is your energy field. Creator / Source…Aksashic records. Look within to see the truth. This kid still has much to learn….he may offer reason to look further – but when you empty your mind of preconceived ideas…simply meditate many concepts are revealed. Learn what soul is and communicate with higher self.


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