The signals which could indicate extraterrestrial life~Benford Beacons

Jun 20, 2020

A signal from a distant region of space reaches Earth. Image by CSIRO/Dr Andrew Howells.

Pulsars are neutron stars spinning at dizzying speeds and harboring magnetic fields up to a quadrillion times more powerful than Earth’s. They often emerge after supernova events. Image by NASA.

The detector which caught the WOW signal had a dual-horn feed. That is, two separate detectors were located 5 ft away from each other so that as the Earth rotated a signal would appear first in one of the horns and then in the second horn just a couple of minutes later. The WOW signal was only ever detected in one horn. It seemingly turned off in the journey from the first detector to the second. It’s unclear which of the two horns was the one that captured the powerful narrowband signal. Image by Ohio State University Radio Observatory and NAAPO.

What’s considered to be the the galactic habitable zone. Image by NASA.

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