82 Known E.T Races Populating Universe – COAST TO COAST AM 2021

Apr 5, 2021

COAST TO COAST AM 2021 – Craig Campobasso is a filmmaker and Emmy-nominated casting director, who directed and wrote the short film “Stranger at the Pentagon ( https://www.strangeratthepentagon.com/), described “some of the 82 extraterrestrial species said to populate the universe, including their origins, physical characteristics, technological and mental abilities, and cosmic agendas. For his research, he met with many contactees, as well as “hybrids,” claiming to be from various places around the universe, including a female “Mantis hybrid.” The Mantis beings, he explained, have often been seen in the background in alien abductions, observing or protecting. According to some of the hybrids he met, their fathers worked at military installations, and they were created from human sperm and ET DNA from up to three different races.

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