The Origin Of Our Species 20,000 Years Ago, According To Ancient Tablets

Feb 5, 2021

According to numerous ancient texts and books written over the years, hundreds of thousands of years ago, before recorded history, planet Earth was visited by astronauts from a strange world. These beings who settled in what is now the Persian Gulf, carried out activities to detect gold reserves in Southeast Africa and made a colonial expedition to Earth. Today there are two types of people: those who look at the origins of life from a “scientific” point of view and argue that life on Earth began millions of years ago and that humanity eventually evolved from microorganisms to an “advanced species.” . Others argue that life was created by divine intervention. They argue that life on Earth is the result of God, a divine being who created everything: the Earth, the Moon, our Solar System, and the entire universe. [ Narrated by Soma Song ]

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