An Alien Encounter For The Ages – Missing Time And Explosive Evidence Kept Under Lock And Key

That’s what Pamela Nance and Ashleigh Field experienced on a warm summer’s night in 2015. Nance and Field are paranormal investigators who go about their job without the hype and fanfare. They are scientific-oriented investigators who take their jobs very seriously. An encounter they experienced while “on the job” in 2015 can only be described as remarkable. After setting up their equipment to capture UFOs on a property with a reputation for attracting ET craft, they experienced almost two hours of missing time after a bright object appeared in the distance. What followed was a benevolent encounter but the intriguing aspect is, they appear to have video and audio evidence of it. In this video, Pamela Nance takes us through what happened from start to finish, her experience on the alien ship and when they were returned. This is one of the more remarkable abduction experiences we’ve seen at Aliens Revealed Live.

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