The Mystery Of The ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star Solved

This massive alien structure was discovered by NASA’s Kepler Telescope not too long ago and ever since it first appeared on the scope experts have tried to discern what its purpose is and whether it really is as advanced as it appears to be from a distance.

Later on, it was confirmed that this is a massive artificial structure that’s orbiting a star 1,500 light-years away from us similar to how the Moon is orbiting us.






Experts also confirmed that this must have been built by an ancient alien civilization and that it is heading closer and closer to the star it’s orbiting around.






Many skeptics believed that this was just a glitch with the Kepler Telescope but this was obviously not the case here as it has yet to disappear in the past couple of months since it was first discovered.






We know for a fact that in the vast universe out there, there definitely are other lifeforms that we have observed over the years but this might be one of the most advanced ones out there, to say the least.






Because of how complex the structure is, it has been declared that the alien constructors must be a part of Type 2 alien civilization, aka one of the most intelligent ranks a civilization can receive.

They must be using the star’s energy to power up their structure although that’s still debatable, to say the least.

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