Dalai Lama’s Proclamation On Extraterrestrials

For the longest time now, experts have pertained that there are no other life forms in the universe other than the ones we see on our planet.

Despite the abundance of evidence that the Ufologists have gathered over the years, it seems as though they just wouldn’t look at the evidence displayed in front of them out of sheer spite.




Recently, however, one of the most prominent religious leaders confessed that the universe is infinite and that there is no chance that we are the only other life forms in it.

The Dalai Lama spoke out on this topic at the University of Portland from Oregon at the Universal Responsibility and the Internal Environment convention.

Journalist Stephen Cook wrote an article about this which he aptly titled “The Dalai Lama Reveals That Visitors from Other Galaxies Are the Same as Us” which is pretty self-explanatory, to say the least.

The Dalai Lama actually brought up an interesting theory. He asked us how we would actually react when seeing these vastly different creatures in front of our own two eyes.

He said that we would act in fear, that we would discriminate against them and “alienate” them from us. We need to avoid this, as with time we’ll realize that they are our equals and we need to make sure that we don’t cause any unnecessary fighting amongst each other on this topic.

This is the representative of Buddhism speaking and we couldn’t agree more.

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