The Love Bite : Alien Interference In Human Love Relations

The Love Bite presents us with a woman’s refreshing view of the UFO and alien abduction phenomena. Many people find themselves mysteriously thrown into obsessive relationships, but a few, otherwise reliable witnesses, claim to have been set-up in bonding dramas by alien beings. Eve Lorgen is determined to solve the mystery. While other abduction researchers politiely gloss over this highly controversial subject matter, Eve describes the Love Bite hypothesis with astounding clarity, compassion and humor. By her definition, the Love Bite is a kind of “psychic rape” whereby the victim is abducted, then manipulated into bonding with a targeted love partner chosen by the alien beings. The effects of the love bite can range from ‘puppy love” to sudden urges to marry a complete stranger. Through several fascinating case histories, Lorgen demonstrates how the alien beings may be orchestrating these dramas for their own ends. It is as if the aliens are harvesting human emotional energy. Whatever their motives, Lorgen simply states that the heart of the matter lies in matters of the heart.

This is a very interesting read and might explain a lot about my past relationships and  for others. Decide for yourself.  Stay in Inside as much as you can, Quarantine is still in Effect. Bless all of you!

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