“The Lost Sons of the Anunnaki”: Melanesian Tribe Shares DNA Genes With An Unknown Species

February 7, 2021

Ryan Bohlender recently issued quite the statement on October 20th, as he came out to state that the people from Melanesia, an area that surrounds Papua New Guinea, might actually not be human after all. He talked about it in great detail at the American Society of Human Genetics as he came across proof that these Melanesians have a foreign alien gene inside of their DNA which cannot be traced back to our own genome after all.

This proves the fact that this species does not belong to the Neanderthal or the Denisovan class, as it might actually belong to the ancient race of alien deities known as the Anunnaki. What we know by now is that the Denisovans were the hominid genus beings that actually went extinct a while back on our own planet and these people actually do not belong to their species either.


As a matter of fact, Ryan believes that this discovery might actually prove once and for all that the ancient Sumerians had it right all along. All of the residents of ancient Mesopotamia actually believed in the fact that the ancient civilizations had been visited by the Anunnaki, the residents of the 12th planet from our solar system known as Nibiru.

They had originally arrived on our planet around 432,000 years before Christ and according to most scriptures they had actually created our ancestors, the Giants and apparently, they left off traces of their DNA in the Melanesian’s too.

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2 thoughts on ““The Lost Sons of the Anunnaki”: Melanesian Tribe Shares DNA Genes With An Unknown Species”

  1. As a Melanesian elder, who had been traveling to Europe and Asia, teaching about Melanesia for the last 20 years, I am happy to read this information.

    I have been going in and coming out of various thinking and I have found Melanesian thinking does not go in well with the rest of the world, in a sense, there is something strange when I talk to my own people about what is happening and what it is on this planet Earth. I can share more if you want, but I am wandering if I can.


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