The Arcturians – Your Future


Greetings, we are here and the purpose of this message is to discuss your future. For your entire life, the future has been a mystery to you; in fact, it has often been a source of fear. What will happen to me next? What will happen to me now? Will I be blindsided or will everything work out for me?

You have also heard many beings with conflicting predictions about what was supposed to happen in your world. Some of them were fearsome predictions and some of them were happy, but these forecasts were always shifting.

Very often in your life, what you expected to happen next did not come to pass. In fact, usually life surprised you and something entirely different changed the future and how you felt about it.

We are not here to spin another tale of what will happen next for you. We are here to encourage you to expect good things.

If you can look forward with joy to what will be coming next, you will certainly be joyous yourself with whatever happens.

This is the way that the universe works for you, dear friends.

So set a smile upon your face and take a few tentative steps forward. It is not so hard to do when you have the right attitude in your mind.

Could you be stepping into your dreams? Is it all lining up for you the way that you’ve hoped?

We are here to tell you that yes, your future beckons with good things that you hoped for. The future also beckons with many things that you didn’t even know to dream about.

So stride forward with a smile on your face and give yourself a chance. The future is calling you to answer. Stay strong and forge on ahead for we promise you that you will like what you see. We are the Arcturians.

Arcturians channeled by Rita Kempf

Artist: Unknown




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