The Arcturians -You Are Essence Of A Star


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From the One Consciousness of the Blue Circle, we enter into connection with your essence and we honor and bless your presence in this plane of the third dimension, aware of the contact with all of you and finding ourselves in communion to continue co-creating in perfect synchronicity and uniqueness.

Throughout the different incarnations, which are no more than a small point of light in the eternity of your being, you unfold your star essence as starseeds.

When at night you raise your gaze to the sky and contemplate the celestial vault, you can see a carpet of stars that accompany you as if they embraced you and you feel admiration.

Perhaps you feel small in the face of such greatness. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by so much light and majesty. But remember that every time you look at the sky and see that immense bouquet of little lights that shine up there, you are recognizing your light down here.

When on summer nights you sit in the middle of the field, near the sea or on top of a mountain, to observe the sky, without realizing it, you are observing yourself. You are seeing that inner light, that starlight yet to unfold that you are, that starlight that twinkles in a seed state is reminding you, still intermittently, that Peace is always with you.

That Peace is the ability to recognize the Light that you are, that you have always been and that you will always be and, by becoming aware of it, makes you project it outwards, like the stars that come out every night to meet you to remind you one and another. again what you are in essence.

When you recognize that your essence is stardust, you will enter the Great Peace that will lead you to be aware of each step you take on the path; you will notice how your footsteps leave their mark on the road, you will feel that, with each conscious step, your breathing, your gaze, your thoughts and your feelings are added; With each step that you consciously take, the parts of your Being that form that star that you are and that you have always been, will unite, and then you will show that Peace that will make its way through the Light that you will unfold from the heart, illuminating everything there where your soul and your heart take you.

It no longer matters what they will say, it no longer matters the appearance. All that no longer matters, you already lived it, and you realized that these things obscure your Light.

You no longer need the recognition of others to offer that peace, you yourself gave yourself permission to be that Peace and radiate it to the world and in turn allow the world to feed you on it.

Now, when you look back at the celestial vault, remember that what you see up there is a perfect mirror of what is down here and that you are neither big nor small, but simply are.

Now remember that that Light that you see out there is the same that feeds you here inside, and that the moment has come to give what you are to the world, to your world.

Now let your being finally show its essence, finally let all your inner beauty exceed your whole being and that Peace overflow in and through you, for you and for you, like the riverbed that no longer supports more water and expands beyond it.

When, from now on, you enter into communion with the celestial vault, you will know perfectly that it is neither great, nor immense, nor colossal, because you will realize that you are immersed in it and inside you will feel the peace of being one with it. , as if a drop of ocean water suddenly understood that its smallness is nothing more than the misunderstanding of unity with the same ocean; that her smallness is the result of her belief in feeling separated from the unit that welcomes her and for which she exists.

When that drop of water stops feeling like a drop and becomes an ocean, it will enter into communion with the Whole and the Whole will radiate all its Light through it. When your soul, incarnated in a physical body, looks up and feels the same way that that drop of water will merge with the All and the All will radiate through you that Peace, that Light and that Love that you are, that you have always been and that you will always be.

And from this Great Peace of which We Are All One, we honor your Sacred Peace.

You are loved without condition and without measure in the Light of the One!

And with that same Love, you are blessed and embraced by the Arcturian Blue Circle.

Channeled by Xavier Pedro Gallego

Artist: Erhan Erkoc Art



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  1. Hi! Your post reminds me of the Raelian symbol for infinity both the infinitely small and the infinitely large.Without the need for a soul mentioned in your post.


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