Three USO Cases with Humanoids

Compared to UFOs, reports of USOs (unidentified submersible objects) are relatively rare. Even more rare are reports of USOs with humanoids. Only a small handful of these kinds of cases exist. And yet, the stretch of water known as the Santa Catalina/San Pedro Channel, along the southern California coast, has produced several USO cases with humanoids. This video presents three such cases, all in close proximity to each other. The first case involves a UFO landing on a beach at Playa Del Rey, an encounter that has stunning new corroboration. The second case involves a baffling USO encounter off the coast of Catalina Island, an incident which involves many strange aspects that have yet to be explained. The third (and perhaps most remarkable) case occurred at Lake Casitas (a human-made reservoir,) located a short ways inland on the northern end of the Santa Catalina channel. In this case, the witness actually managed to photograph the USO as it emerged from the lake. This entire area is extremely active and has produced more than 150 UFO/USO reports stretching back at least 100 years, and it is still going on today! Why is this area so active? What happens when someone sees a USO with humanoids? What exactly is going on here? This video offers a small glimpse into one of the strangest aspects of USO activity in this area. For those who would like to explore further, these cases and many others are presented in my book, “Undersea UFO Base: an In-depth Investigation into USOs in the Santa Catalina Channel.”



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