The ancient battle between two Alien races – The Anunnaki and the Pleiadeans

We’ve learned that our past as we knew it has been highly distorted and modified as we’ve been continuously fed propaganda that has driven us to believe in the fabricated lies that they’ve been telling us.

Who are they? The higher-ups who don’t want us to know about our history. Awareness is strength, and by holding us apart from the true reality behind our genesis, they influence us all with ease.

And now the people are awakening when the real history of the world is unmasked one day at a time. Real history emerges from the oldest avenue accessible to the Sumerian culture.

The ancient Sumerians had often believed in the presence of the Anunnaki, aka “the ones that come from heaven.” They are basically aliens that according to certain versions, encountered humans in ancient times.

While the Sumerians first arrived in Mesopotamia at about 3,800 BC, they were soon decimated about 2024 BC by unknown means. Many experts claim this was the product of continuing wars between the Anunnaki and the Pleiadeans.

The Anunnaki were the rulers of the World, as we learned, they were almost unkillable, powerful entities that worked over humanity, compelling us to function for them every hour of the day.

Now we can’t tell you for sure if the Pleiadeans tried to liberate us or get us to work for them instead, all we know is that this battle ended up totally decimating the world as we know it.

In view of that, watch the following clip to see for yourself the real past of humanity.


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