The return of the Anunnaki Sumerian Gods is likely to happen sooner than you expect

The return of the Anunnaki Sumerian Gods is likely to happen sooner than you expect

As we remember, Anunnaki quit our world a long time ago. They were compelled to do this because of a nuclear accident. The dilemma that plagues the human race is what will happen if these Anunnaki Lords returned to Earth?

Sitchin believes that Anunnaki would certainly come to our world and that we might experience such a global phenomenon. It is evident in all hieroglyphs, ancient texts, and manuscripts that the root of Anunnaki originated from the heavens.

When the citizens asked the Anunnaki Gods where they originated from, they said From the heavens.” And when we see one like that, it’s reasonable to assume that this alien species originated from another world, perhaps somewhat close to Earth.

If we analyze the universe properly, it would appear like we might do the same thing if we find a world close to ours. If we had the requisite technology, we’d fly to the world for sure.

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