The Adapa Anunnaki Legend – Ancient Anunnaki Gods

The legend of Adapa can be found in Ancient Mesopotamian Mythology as well as the Ancient Astronaut Theory. In both Ancient Mesopotamian Mythology and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, Adapa was the Son of the Anunnaki God Enki. In the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, Enki is one of the leaders of the Anunnaki Alien Beings that established Civilization on Earth. We will consider the Adapa legend in both classical Mesopotamian Mythology and the Ancient Astronaut Theory. The Legend Of Adapa In Mesopotamian Mythology In Mesopotamian mythology, Adapa is the first Sumerian King and wise Teacher from the Sumerian City of Eridu who was the son of Anunnaki God Enki or Ea. The Adapa myth records how the Mesopotamian Anunnaki Gods gave him the gift of intelligence but did not give him immortality. According to the legend of Adapa and The South Wind, one day when Adapa was out fishing, the South Wind blew with so much force Adapa was thrown from his boat and into the Sea by the force of the South Wind.




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