The MOON – The Alien Spaceship ?!

The moon – the alien spaceship? Moon – natural, artificial satellite or spacecraft? When it comes to the moon, there is always a dose of mystery. It has always fascinated all the civilizations of the globe and so over time a series of legends, superstitions and beliefs have gathered. In fact, it is said that if the Moon had not existed, life on our planet would have taken a different direction. Imagine our world ravaged by hurricane-force winds, with temperatures ranging from sweltering heat to frost. Imagine that the day would last only six hours, in a world where only primitive life forms could evolve. This could have been our planet if the Moon had not existed. But we are not the only ones who have a satellite. There are at least 135 satellites in our solar system. Saturn has the most, 46, and at least 10 mysterious bodies orbit the Earth. Five are asteroids, temporarily held back by the gravitational field, and four are probably remnants of the Apollo 13 rocket. The tenth and largest is the Moon. What is so special and mysterious about the Moon?



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