Artur – Alien Abduction (Spiritual Induction)

Millions of people around the world report to have experienced close contact with extraterrestrial life forms, and even to have been on board a ship, undergoing procedures and experiencing things that they often don’t remember at first. This phenomenon has been coined by pop-culture as alien abduction. What if this is not only a reality that truly is going on, but is actually in accordance with the given individual soul’s purpose? What if this phenomenon is actually the result of a soul agreement that serves the evolution of humanity in unprecedented ways? What if that which we refer to as alien abduction is in actuality a process that allows for the experiencer to allow themselves for more of their soul’s original core frequency to be embodied in physicality, resulting therefore in a spiritual induction? In this interview on New Realities, the producer, director and writer of “Alien Abduction: Answers”, a new documentary on this sensitive topic, John Yost shines light on the implications of this phenomenon.




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