Texas Tesla Tower

Tesla Texas Tower
Tesla Texas Tower
Tesla Texas Tower
Tesla Texas Tower

Drivers traveling east along the I-35 corridor between Waco and Dallas have been intrigued by a tall, oddly shaped tower looming in the middle of a field in the small town of Milford, TX. For many, the tower is a confounding sight, but those familiar with the work of Nikola Tesla have been quick to point out that the lone pylon looks strikingly similar to a Tesla Tower.
Though construction began almost two years ago, it wasn’t for at least a year until the tower began to draw attention from local news outlets and various corners of the internet.
But now that the company behind the project has been uncovered and some of the project’s goals have been elucidated, much of the speculation has been confirmed; the tower is in fact based on the same idea behind Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower constructed on Long Island.
The precise electrical mechanism behind it however, is known as Zenneck surface wave technology, named after electrical engineer Jonathon Zenneck, who discovered that low-frequency electrical waves could be transmitted and received through the curvature of the Earth, to and from a singular location.
Based on the titles and affiliations of those involved in the project, it’s unclear whether this tower will be used to realize Tesla’s dream of transmitting free energy to everyone in the world – if it’s even possible – however, the company behind it claims it intends to bring energy to rural parts of the world that currently have trouble accessing energy efficiently.

That company is Viziv Technologies and it has partnered with Baylor University in developing methods of wireless electricity distribution over long distances. It also says it plans to develop the technology to transmit navigation and sensing signals for GPS and various communication technologies.

“Currently about 17 percent of the world’s population have no access to electrical power, and for many more people, availability is spotty and unreliable,” Truell Hyde, Baylor’s Vice Provost for Research, said in a press release. “This technology has the potential to raise the standard of living for people around the world. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that?”

With over $50 million in funding from investors, in addition to its university partnership, this may be the first time the technology has had significant investment since Tesla built Wardenclyffe in 1906. Let’s just hope the private interest from those investments doesn’t lead to its demise, like it did for Tesla in 1917.

Everyone deserves this standard of living.

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8 thoughts on “Texas Tesla Tower”

  1. Hello Nancy, I was intrigued by your article, especially the last sentence. I have been and investor from afar in this company and thought you might find the following interesting. General (ret.) Michael Miller (board Chairman) and other members of the company has taken Viziv in a new direction. The company was taken into bankruptcy by these people after removing the original inventors from the project. As far as I was able to determine, the inventors were removed once the device was made operational. The new direction was bankruptcy (see, http://pacemonitor.com case 3:20-bk-32554). Reading through the case, Craig Farrall (CEO) claims the invention does not work. However, documents were submitted to the court stating it does work. At the time the original inventors were removed, a Baylor university professor took over and started a new project called V2. Since that time the investors have been kept in the dark. Late 2020 a new board member was added, Rod Sanders is an investment broker. He had raised most of the funding for Viziv. The Intellectual Property was sold to him for a small amount of loaned money. This, for all practical purposes, has shut out all the investors in Viziv and the original inventors. I have met with the original inventor and have seen their invention work on two continents. I know it works for global wireless power. Although it does look like Tesla’s Long Island tower, it would be better described as Tesla’s Colorado Springs laboratory. The Corum patents have been very cryptic as to exactly how it operates. They claim the patents tell the whole story if you are familiar with slow wave transmission lines. At this point what are we to make out of all of this intrigue?
    1. The inventors successfully demonstrate the global technology.
    2. The inventors are removed and a new professor takes over with project V2.
    3. The company goes bankrupt.
    4. The IP is sold to a single board member (as the bankruptcy judge said, “loan to own”)
    Has the ghost of J.P. Morgan struck? Is it simple greed? Or were things too successful and it is now time to weaponize it? Only time will tell.

  2. I cast my vote for “They will weapons every it” and probably have been already doing just that.
    This thing will make people sick and think about the effects on certain metal properties in human bodies now…

  3. I believe this project is the best yet to come.
    Everything used for evil WILL be used for good.
    Very interested in ALL the good it will bring.
    Ready for sounds and frequencies on a healing level.


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