Asking the Alien Beings for Guidance

Nancy Summonings for Beings
Nancy Summonings for Beings

So many times I ask for there help when I was in situations of confusion and not happy with things going on in my life sometimes I meditated or telepathically brought them here other times they just knew and showed up and woke me up with questions and if I was ready to come home or can I continue in this life to reach my goals. These were very desperate times in my life but I chose my family here and learned to deal with these situations beyond my repair or in due time would past. So many events it’s just crazy and often I wonder why in the heck did I chose this life but was reminded it was told to you this will never be a easy task. So at times I would form a circle of meditation and prayer and ask them to come assist me. And they did. After going to sleep afterwards I would wake up with a new beginning and a feeling that I can and will deal with the task at hand and things would become much better with time. The other times I didn’t request help they knew I needed it and showed up and gave me the strength to get through
that as well.They have been a amazing part of my life which I will always cherish and have abundant love and respect for them.

Thank You,

Nancy Thames

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