Rag-doll Cat Alien Hybrid Cat

First of her kind
First of her kind
Hybrid Kitten
Hybrid Kitten



The origins of Ragdoll cats are full of myth and controversy. This cat’s history is often contradictory and confusing; some of the Ragdoll story is just not possible. Other parts we know to be factual. First things first: the Ragdoll cat breed started in California back in the 1960s. It was founded by a woman named Ann Baker. The very first cat of this breed was for all intensive purposes a regular cat named Josephine. Ann Baker noticed something special about Josephine and her offspring. She decided to breed for this characteristic. Ragdoll cats get their name from the fact that they go limp like a Ragdoll when held. Ann Baker went so far to trademark the term Ragdoll; anyone who bred Ragdoll cats had to pay her royalties to use the name.


 It is for this characteristic of the Ragdoll cat breed that Ann Baker made her unusual claims. Josephine was once hit by a car. On one account Ann Baker claimed she had taken the injured cat to a local University to have her patched up; she asked the University to give her cat new DNA and this is why Ragdoll cats came to be.

Another claim the breed’s founder made was that Ragdoll cats feel no pain whatsoever. The reason she gave for this followed suite with her previous claims that the cats were genetically altered and that they were in fact, alien hybrids. Move over x-files, there have been alien-feline hybrids on earth since the 60s.



When it comes to myths about Ragdoll cats, ragdoll history is truly stranger than fiction!

My granddaughters got a male rag-doll kitten for Christmas , he is beautiful and loves the touch of people of his choice and snuggles constantly. It is amazing how they don’t seem to shed hair like other long haired cats. After holding him forever not a strand of hair was found on my clothes unlike other dogs and cats. Definitely stole my heart and my granddaughters. He is a very A Special breed that is very obvious to notice about him.


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  1. Hello!Thank you for posting a story about cats and I grew up around cats myself.I hope on the eternal life planet that cats reside there too.It would make the experience that more enjoyable and relaxing to have cats around especially friendly ones to be sure!


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