Rear admiral saw a UFO (USO) moving at the speed of an airplane

Mar 10, 2021

Rear Admiral at the end of the sixties of the last century commanded the K-140 nuclear submarine missile boat. The power of the nuclear warheads on board was enough to destroy all life on the territory comparable in size to New York. We were sailing at a depth of over 100 meters in a submarine. Suddenly a target appeared, which was moving at a speed of 240 knots, 420 kilometers per hour. There was no such speed at that time, and it was one thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight. Faced with this once, one can assume that the instruments were wrong, but the submariner claims that he has observed the Quakers under water several times. Everyone thought that it was the Americans who put something – nothing like that! These are some kind of underwater creatures (Unidentified submerged object) that we just discovered.

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