Strange Ancient Mayan Statue with Flat Face and QR Code – Scanned? Aliens Warned Us All Along?

We’ve uncovered a lot of ancient Mayan ruins so far, and the great majority of their artifacts and treasures have already been displayed in the museums across the globe, but it appears as though they still have a few secrets under their sleeves after all.

This recent discovery seems to change everything, as a statue with a QR code face was only now discovered by the experts. Many are still in shock after seeing it for themselves. The general consensus is that this is an alien relic after all.

As you can tell from the pictures, the body is that of a normal statue, but its face is that of a flat tablet. The writing is exactly what you’d expect a 21st century QR code to be.

Many experts believe that this statue was meant to be a message of some kind to our modern society, but we can’t tell for sure if it was meant for us or if it is a relic used by an ancient civilization similar to our own.

There are plenty of theorists that believe that this is yet another warning for the future from the ancient Mayans, as they are very popular for their predictions of disasters.

The first QU code was officially invented in 1994, and as far as we know the teams weren’t able to scan out the message from the tablet so far.

What do you think? Do you think this is a message after all or just a coincidence?

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