Starseeds Are The Strongest Souls





The strongest souls which are Starseeds always help others while they themselves are going through their own struggles and overcoming lessons as well of their own. 500,000 Starseeds came here to assist humanity at this critical and crucial time for the upliftment and ascension of Earth to eradicate all the evil and tyranny on Gaia. We are star travelers and come here with only one mission….to love you all and wake up the collective while being the first wave of the ground crew to break the system. We are the indigos starseeds. Our souls are not earthly and we come from higher and different dimensions and universes.

Pleiadian, Arcturian and Syrians are just a few to name now. We come here to love you all unconditionally and here to hold space for you all who are awakening at this great time on planet earth. Earth is a free will system that was hijacked by another race of beings called the Draconian and the Orion Group. They beat out the light forces 26K years ago and have manipulated humanity ever since to a point where they interfered with the free will of humans. Nobody or no one is above Universal Laws so this is why we came here from the future to go back in the past to assist you all.

There are many races here now in your skys and walking amongst you all that look just like you and I. Only because our frequencies are raised to higher vibration than yours at this point to where we all recognize one another and all stay connected to greater assist Mother Gaia and all her beautiful sentient beings for this awakening process. Look at it as a Caterpillar going through and coming out of a cocoon. Now you all are about to emerge a beautiful butterfly and get to spread your massive and beautiful wings to live your true soul purpose. You all get to break free of the chains of doubt, worry, anxiety and fear. You will set yourself free from practicing self healing and self love. We are patiently here to love you all and hold space for you all to heal and emerge and new and infinitely powerful and loving soul that you all are. Be patient with yourself. Be easy on yourselves. Love yourself. Talk nicely to yourself. Treat yourself kindly and be gentle for you have 70K years of trauma from all of your past lives and this one as well. Healing will take courage and patience but when you start to shine light on your shadow self it will dissolve and disappear in a instant. I know because I have done this work myself and it was the most freeing and beautiful thing I have ever done. I found my best friend, my king and queen God and goddess inside me, my everything, my highest potential, my infinite love and happiness was all inside me this whole time locked away from the past traumas that I agreed apon before incarnated here.

All those painful experiences were there to teach me to love myself and know my worth which now I know are priceless and infinite. You are all priceless and apart of God who is expressing itself as you through your human self. This is how God learns through itself. We are all fractals of God source energy. You are all loved and protected. We starseeds are here to love and assist you in every way possible. Just ask for our assistance and we will be there. We must have your consent to assist you. Like I mentioned earlier this is a free will system so we cannot interfere with your evolution and higher development without you asking for assistance we can only watch and be great listeners. Go create the YOU you’ve always dreamed of and go love and heal yourself from this moment forward. We got you.

The Captain 👨‍✈️

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