Signal from A UFO IN A Unknown Dimension?

 25  November  2020

I am convinced of the possibility that UFOs are the product of the manifestation of a signal from an unknown dimension contained within our reality that we can only perceive under certain conditions.

And it is very likely that this signal can be decoded and interpreted by our psyche to obtain information about some issues inherent to our human species, the conception of the universe or even the reality around us. What happens is that our psyche decodes this signal according to certain socio-cultural patterns, which we have assimilated, building an artificial reality of a markedly supernatural nature (mainly due to our fear, ignorance and amazement at the irruption of these apparitions), which has given rise to many myths, religions and folklore in different parts of the world.

The supernatural reality is in fact a construction of our mind to try to interpret, that if, in a wrong way, the signal emitted from this cognitive cosmos. But it would not be an illusion or a mere hallucination, since obviously, we are witnessing the construction of an enormous psychic architecture that contains both elements provided by the witnesses as aspects of this dimension.

And sometimes the conjunction of both universes can lead to the ephemeral and fleeting materialization of that reality imposed by our particular socio-cultural filters.

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