Seventy Celebrities Who Have Seen UFOs

People from all walks of life have UFO encounters, and that includes celebrities. In fact, more and more famous people are now stepping forward to reveal their own sightings, or in some cases, actual face-to-face contact with extraterrestrials. Actors, singers, sports stars — a huge number of superstars have had dramatic encounters with UFOs and aliens. This video presents more than 70 celebrity UFO encounters. Sightings, landings, UFO photographs, face-to-face meetings and even onboard UFO encounters — they’re all here. Many of these stars have faced intense ridicule and skepticism, but they are sticking to their stories. They not only believe in UFOs, they know! What happens when a hugely famous person sees a UFO? Could the ETs be contacting famous people intentionally? Are the ETs reaching out to famous people because they know that celebrities have profound influence upon millions of people and have a platform to reach a very wide audience? Some of these cases seem to indicate this. Whatever the reason, the list of superstars who have seen UFOs is longer than you might think. The seventy-plus cases presented here are likely just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully this will inspire many other famous people to admit the truth about their own UFO encounters. This video is dedicated to the late Timothy Green Beckley, author of “UFOs Among the Stars,” one of the first books about celebrity UFO encounters.



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