Scientists Are Hunting a Mirror Universe and Attempting to Open Portal Into It

Are parallel worlds real? Is the Mirror Dimension actually there or is it all just make-believe? These are the questions that Leah Broussard and the rest of her colleagues at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee actually asked themselves as of late.

They believe that the secret to uncovering this mystery is hidden behind “oscillation” and in order to commence this experiment, they plant on sending a beam of subatomic particles down a 50-foot tunnel, past a magnet into an impenetrable wall.

That might sound strange to you, but there is a very good reason behind this. If some of those particles end up transcending through the impenetrable wall then that would finally prove the existence of this mirror universe. Her experiment is set for the next summer.

The whole experiment will last around a day or so but analyzing the data could take up many weeks or even months afterward.

But don’t get yourself riled up, mirror universes might not mean evil doppelgangers and wacky adventures with our twins.

Scientists are hoping to get their hands on mirror atoms or even mirror rocks, some even believe that they could even get a glimpse at mirror planets and stars. It could all happen if they’re lucky enough with their experiment.

This all started when researchers uncovered that neutrons created in particle beams last 14 minutes and 48 seconds per usual before decaying but if you were to store them in a laboratory bottle they’d last a bit less 14 minutes, and 38 seconds. These are the same neutrons, so logically it makes no sense unless we consider the existence of mirror universes.


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