Researchers found two galaxies that could be home to hyper-advanced Extraterrestrial life



Specialists from the Netherlands Hongin Chen and Michael Garrett used a special modern radio interferometer LOFAR during their exploration of space.



Due to this, they managed to find two galaxies in which civilizations of the third type on the Kardashev scale may be present, reports


The Kardashev scale was developed in 1964. With its help, the level of development of hypothetical alien civilizations is measured.


The third type means that such a civilization is the most developed and it can use for its own purposes the energy of the entire galaxy.


It is worth noting that today humanity has not yet been able to obtain the status of even the first type. Such a civilization uses all the energy that is available to it on the planet of residence.


The reason for this is that people do not know how to use all the solar energy that hits the Earth. It may take humanity about 200 years to become a type 1 civilization.


Scientists believe that they will be able to find a super intelligent civilization due to the fact that in the future they will investigate radiation in the mid-infrared range.


They can indicate the presence of Dyson spheres in outer space. A total of 21 galaxies have been studied. Four objects attracted attention, two of which were of natural origin.


In two other galaxies, where the source of radiation remains unknown, there may be super intelligent civilizations of the third type.




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