Alien Symbols on the Skin

When somebody has a close encounter and are taken onboard a UFO, it is not unusual for them to return with strange markings on their body. Often this may take the form of a scoop mark, bruises, or puncture marks. Much more rare are weird alien symbols. And yet, over and over again, people who meet extraterrestrials and have an onboard encounter are left with an unexplained alien symbol somewhere on their body. These symbols can be simple, such as the shape of a triangle, or more complex, such as foreign-looking letters, hieroglyphic-like designs, or weird symbolic patterns of obviously intelligent design. This video presents several cases of abductees and experiencers who have returned from their encounters bearing these alien symbols on their skin. One of the cases presented here is among the strangest on record. There are now enough cases now to make it clear that something very profound is happening here. What do these symbols mean? Are they the result of an extraterrestrial medical procedure? Could this be a symptom of an alien implant? Are ETs tagging humans like we do to animals? Are they tattooing people with an alien symbol for tracking purposes? Are they calling cards, proof for the witness that something unusual has happened to them? These are questions which hopefully some of these cases will be able to answer! If you would like to explore more about cases involving alien symbols, you might be interested in checking out my book, “Wondrous: 25 True UFO Encounters,” which presents the case of Linda, and her incredible experience involving alien symbols on the skin.



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