Reaching Out To All Contactees and Experiencers

We come here to learn and love
We come here to learn and love
Coming all Together
Coming all Together Artwork by Farzad  Ghaffari
We are here, we are waiting
We are here, we are waiting

“The most important thing … is not to deny someone’s experiences, but to let them talk it through.“

”The experiences tend to continue because people welcome them or are at least open to them due to their experience.“ This is where I fit in.

Keep in mind that for many it has been a life-changing experience and can even give them meaning and purpose in life. Thus, one needs to tread very carefully. Some people carry around fear and that makes the experience hard to understand; everyone is on a different level of understanding. Hollywood and the mainstream media certainly don’t help; they often spread fear and depict the extraterrestrials and higher dimensional beings in a negative light.  Family and friends can be hard to talk to as well due to a stigma created by the mainstream media. But remember three things cannot be hidden: the Sun, the Moon and the Truth. They are here and waiting for us to wake up and remember who we are and eliminate all the prejudices, fears, and lies we have been told. This is a forum where you are free to share your experiences and find acceptance.

With Love and Respect,

Nancy Thames









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