Pleiades Extinction Rebellion – Steven Strong

Dec 9, 2019

How close are we to an extinction level event? Will humans really be the cause? There is a cover-up occurring from our ancient past. Can our extraterrestrial ancestry effect the future? What can we learn from a 40,000 year old stone circle complex? Why was it destroyed? The Land Down Under holds ancient secrets predating even the Egyptians! Pleiades, Alpha Draconis, and Sirius play a large role in secret societies controlling planet Earth. What message do the Original People give us about our near future? Will there be an arrival? Do humans have 7 senses? Can you guess the 7th? Evolution simply cannot explain the variations in homo sapiens; Do we have extraterrestrial ancestors? Bundjalung King Welcomes FreemanWe are trying to change the worldview of Australia (Ab)Original people and culture and their effect upon human development and civilization: The Out of Australia Theory. Steven and Evan Strong, have co-written a series of books; Constructing a New World Map, Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming, and Forgotten Origin. Ancient Aliens in Australia co-written with Bruce Fenton and Daniella Cardenas is available at Our newest Book Shunned through Possible Press is available through Amazon as a kindle. Steven Strong is a Secondary School Teacher with a background in Archaeology and education. Evan strong has a background in Social Science and Psychology. They have spent many years learning and living with the Bundjalung Language Confederation and Gumilaroi people of Northern NSW. Forgotten Origin YouTube Channel Our theory is to prove through scientific fact that which the Elders insist is true. We have assembled facts about archaeological finds, and also early contact accounts, genetics, Serpent myths, Dreaming stories, Amerindian myths, parallels in religious texts, etc into one coherent theory. Indigenous Cultures, History and Spirituality. Alternative and Traditional; Archeology, Anthropology, History. Philosophy/ Religion / Gnosticism / Mythology Associate Producer: Steve Mercer Send comments and guest suggestions to


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