Impossible Artifacts from Other Worlds – 200 Million-Year-Old Ring of Unknown Material Discovered in Geode (video)


There are plenty of artifacts out there that simply put make no sense, but few actually match the ones we have here for you today.

This one, in particular, is known as the Lanzhou Stone, and as you can tell from the pictures below it’s not something that scientists have been able to dismiss as of yet.

It was first discovered by one Zhilin Wang in 1999 in northern China and although it’s been studied ever since nobody has actually been able to explain its strange origin, to say the least.

The main material that this strange rock is made up of is unlike anything that we’ve ever come across, to say the least, as it is believed to be coming from space after all, which is why it was deemed an alien material to begin with.

This artifact however is related to the Wolfsegg Iron artifact and although the two are very similar, this one’s even stranger as it is believed to date back to more than 20 million years ago.

Last but not least we have this strange ring that was discovered in a geode. This strange object, whatever it may be, dates back to over 200 million years ago, and as you can see, incrusted into it, you have this strange ring.

This ring in itself appears to showcase that history is not as linear as historians will have us believe. Regardless, check out the following video if you want to know more about these strange artifacts.

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