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Band Of Light Photographed Over Cle Elum, Washington, 11th March

Just before 5 am in the early hours of 11th March in Cle Elum in the state of Washington, a local resident witnessed a “light band” moving at a consistent speed and in a purposeful direction. They couldn’t hear any sound coming from the objects, perhaps suggesting that it wasn’t an airplane or other terrestrial aircraft, with the witness estimating that it was traveling at around 40,000 feet and quite possibly traveling at around 1,000 miles per hour.

As with other similar sightings of this nature, many skeptics will argue that this object is nothing more than star-link satellites. However, it appears that this is very much a solid object as opposed to a string of lights. What’s more, there was also an almost identical sighting in nearby Chehalis at around the same time. According to the witness of that sightings, the band of light resembles something akin to a ladder.

You can see a picture of the Che Elum sighting below.

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