Peek a Boo three times by the Greys

On a weekend in September  2019 my older son and I started having discussions on my experiences and I was mad at myself for not doing something. I was especially mad at myself when I realized it involved him and his younger brother. We talked for a long time then decided to watch a movie. His family was out and about doing things so it was just me and him as we started watching TV. Three times I noticed a Grey being peeking at us from behind his bedroom door. I didn’t say anything because I thought he would think I was crazy. I was confused and not sure what was going on so I said I need to head home and the whole way home I cried and realized they wanted to be apart of our discussions and jointly be apart of our lives. So when I got home I called my son and explained what happened and asked if this was to happen again in the future would he be OK with asking or inviting them in and he said yes of course and wished I had done so.  So for whatever reason after this he and his wife encouraged me to start a blog on who I am and what I believe and share my experiences. So this is another reason this all began and they gave me the confidence I needed. Love to both of  them.

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