Me on the Moon with the Nordic and Grey’s

Nordic Male
Nordic Male
Pleiades Cluster
Pleiades Cluster

Green eyes
Green eyes

I have always enjoyed my Contacts. This was a really cool experience with the Greys and a male Nordic that took me to the Moon. I didn’t get to stay for very long. The ride back and forth was extraordinary. The pilot was very nice and we communicated a lot. He was more humanoid, a Nordic male, six to seven feet tall with long blonde hair, blue eyes, benevolence, and beyond imaginable physical beauty. He explained they were a group of Spirit Beings from the Pleiades here to guide humanity through the Shift of the Ages. They are really concerned about Earth and our future and trying to help us reach a higher dimension. When  I refer to my Elders this is  the group of Beings I am referring to.

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