Hollywood’s UFO Stories Are Becoming Way More Realistic The Pentagon admits UFOs are real. So Hollywood is making a flurry of movies and TV shows about how we should look for them.

Project Blue Book

Hollywood’s UFO Stories Are Becoming Way More Realistic The Pentagon admits UFOs are real. So Hollywood is making a flurry of movies and TV shows about how we should look for them. UFOs are everywhere, and Hollywood has noticed. Talking about UFOs is no longer fringe, with former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge getting the U.S. …

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Extraterrestrial Encounter While Camping Near Lexie Crossroads

      When I was a child my parents acquired some land in Franklin County Tn off Lexie Crossroads. It was amazing with a creek and woods. We went there often when I was young. We cut down blackberry bushes and high grass on a flat plateau, with a creek near and hills with …

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America’s First UFO Sighting

English colonist John Winthrop

On March 1, 1639, John Winthrop opened his diary in which he recorded the trials and triumphs of his fellow Puritans as they made a new life in America. As the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony put pen to paper, he began to recount a most unusual event that had recently caused a stir …

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Dominion. : The Last Star Warrior

Phoenix Lights

On the eve of a full-scale invasion by an intergalactic warrior race, an observer named Jaelen (Travis Hammer) from a peaceful and sympathetic star federation searches to find and rescue the human woman he fell in love with. Robert Casey (Barry Lynch), a retired US Intelligence agent turned UFO investigator, races to discover what the …

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Troop Zero Movie

Troop Zero

Review:  An ode to the weird, ‘Troop Zero’ invokes the spirit of David Bowie   Christmas Flint (Mckenna Grace) is no average 9-year-old in “Troop Zero.” (Amazon Studios) Though we’ve yet to be graced with a David Bowie biopic set to the late artist’s music, “Troop Zero” overtly invokes the spirit of the patron saint …

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New Book on Extraterrestrials Encourages Readers to Contemplate Future Interactions With Aliens

On the Horizon

Extraterrestrial researcher and investigator Sylvia McKelvey recently published a detailed, informative book that explores extraterrestrial existence titled: “Storm on the Horizon: The New Age, UFOs, and the Cosmic Christ.” In her book, McKelvey delves into the history of extraterrestrial and UFO appearances on Earth. The extensive research and evidence, along with her personal experiences and UFO encounter, presented in this book bring credibility to the author’s claims.

“Storm on the Horizon” informs readers about extraterrestrials and encourages them to ponder how extraterrestrials could impact the future. Although the topic of extraterrestrials tends to be discounted, McKelvey wants to bring to light how important it is for readers to accept the validity of extraterrestrials in order to prepare them for the possibility of global interactions with these beings and what the outcome of such interactions might be.

“With the substantial proof surrounding the existence of extraterrestrials, our next step is to consider the best way to engage with them,” McKelvey said. “To determine this, we must be cognizant of their possible intentions for reaching out to Earth.”

As a Christian, McKelvey also discusses the controversy around extraterrestrials within her own religion and argues the idea of the Cosmic Christ, who serves all beings in the Universe. Additionally, she cautions that the ideology and groundwork being laid today by many New Age networks could make it possible for the prophesied Antichrist to appear on Earth as an alien and how he would be accepted. Therefore, thought should be given to the potential consequences of “making contact.”

“This book has everything you have been asking yourself for years about aliens, UFO’s, crop circles, orbs, the spirit world, and the titillating subject of the cosmic Christ,” said Sheila Halterman in an Amazon review. “It is an in-depth study of what may lie beyond our normal spectrum of everyday life and how what we think we know, may not be even close to the truth. The author also documents her own supernatural and personal UFO experiences. All additional facts are documented as well. It is a fascinating read, don’t miss it.”

For me  this is definitely a great read , how will we except and adapt to these beings are some of things many of us are thinking about at this point. Welcome to the Neighborhood, Our World and Lives. Who knows but many will Welcome them. Thanks, Nancy Thames

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