On A 500-Million-Year-Old Trilobite Fossil A Human Footprint was Found!

Is it possible that everything that we have studied about the history of humankind is a lie? What if scientists and researchers hid something very important from us about the past of our species. What if humans walked on Earth 500 million years ago? From time to time, paleoanthropologists discover traces of human footprints that are considered to be thousands of years old. Some studies show that humanity has been on Earth only for 200,000 years, and it is not possible to have any traces of humans older than that. But a mysterious finding by a local rockhound named William J. Meister could prove it wrong.

In the late 1960s, Meister had been searching for the fossil of trilobites (used to exist 500 million years ago) near Antelope Springs. During his hunt, he broke one of the slabs and discovered what he called a “human sandal print.” Interestingly, the description of the rock specimen depicted the footprint of a human-like creature that stepped on the living trilobite and buried it into the mud. There was no doubt that the fossil of this extinct marine animal was more than 500 million years old, of the Cambrian period. The ancient rock print measured to be 10.5 inches by 3.5 inches from both sides with the fossils of two small trilobites.


trilobite human footprint
The “Meister Print” also known as trilobite human footprint

There is a belief that everything around us such as nature, earth, the universe, and even humans are the creations of the supernatural divine, known as Creationism. But this theory has been denied by many experts and excluded from the school syllabus. Why? Because it cannot be proved scientifically. But on March 1, 1973, a creation-evolution debate was held at California State University in Sacramento, that was attended by Dr. Duane Gish of the Institute for Creation Research and Reverend Boswell, as well as some other experts. It was for the first time when the world came to know about Meister’s discovery. American researcher Melvin Cook

discussed this discovery in an article “Why Not Creationism after Meister showed him the slabs.”

Besides, a few weeks after the discovery, Clifford Burdick, a geologist from Tucson Arizona also discovered similar rocks that revealed a child’s footprint without any shoe or sandal. Cook wrote:

“Since Mr. Meister’s interesting discovery, other persons have found similar but less-spectacular specimens in the same area, two of which have been shown to me.”

During a debate, two creationists, Kofahl and Segraves called Miseter’s finding “anti-evolutionary evidence.” Glen Kuban, an American investigator wrote:

“The print [alleged human footprint rock] is very shallow and shows no sign of pressure deformation or foot movement at its margin. However, on one side of the print, extending to the side of the supposed toe end is a rim or lip that is typical of similar concretions from the area, but which is incompatible in position and form to be a pressure ridge. Also, of the two halves of rock, the side that has the heel indented shows raised relief at the toe end, and vice versa, whereas in a real print one should show impression or raised relief throughout each half.”

According to the Natural History Museum of Utah, the fossil of trilobites was genuine, while the footprints were not. It was “nothing more than a slab of Wheeler shale that had a fragment spalled off in the form of a footprint, which revealed a trilobite, Elrathia kingi.”

The theory created by creationists has no physical evidence to prove it, that is why it is hard to believe that a random human walked 500 million years ago and crushed trilobite under his/her boot. Still, there is much to explore on Earth.

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