My Alien Big Foot Encounter While On A Canoe Trip On The Elk River TN, By Nancy Thames





While on a Canoeing trip with my Dad and my Sister on the Elk River in Tennessee, its was just before getting dark and it was supper time.

It had been a wonderful peaceful Canoe float ride. We stopped for swims and picnics and rock collecting around the river banks. As we were fixing to head around a bend we heard this Loud Unusual Sound and The water was being splashed all over the place and there was a musky smell of wet dog fur in the air. As we got closer and closer my Dad nodded and expressed manually to keep calm and quite. We put our paddles in the canoe and let water float on down the River. We did not want to seem aggressive to any animal or person for that matter.

The Closer we got we could tell this was not a horse or cow in distress, this was a Ape like Man and apparently we had intruded on his swim or fishing , and I don’t think he/she was very happy with us. The sound was loud and unlike any other animal and he was large and made Huge splashes of water, bigger than any large Bird, Duck, Swan, Horse, Cow, etc. That we had seen many times. This was something we grew up doing about every weekend in the spring and summer. During the fall if it wasn’t to cold, but not as often.

None of us were frightened during the encounter and we wanted to be respectful of his/her area of fishing or bathing etc. It was a amazing experience I will never forget! My Dad and I talk about it all the time. Buddy does he have many stories to tell!


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