Nobel Prize Winner and Co-Founder of DNA Molecule Claims Our Genes Have Extraterrestrial Origin

Febuary 5, 2021

Francis Crick, the co-founder of the structure of the DNA molecule and the Nobel prize winner from 1953 himself talked about how we, as a species, do not actually originate from Earth after all. It is a common misconception that our planet was the place that we were actually formed on and that our molecules originated from the potent life quality from this green planet but as you can already tell, Francis heavily despised this theory as he talked about it on multiple occasions in front of anyone that was willing to listen.
He first began theorizing over it in 1973 alongside Leslie Orgel, a British chemist, as the two of them proclaimed that life itself was an outcome of Directed Panspermia. He later on decided to release a book on the matter known as Life Itself in 1982 as in it he collected his thoughts and brought forth a ton of proof that showcases the fact that life originated from elsewhere in this universe.
This theory was generally panned by the public, only for it to actually be picked up on later on by Chandra Wickramasinghe himself, the Director of the Buckingham Center for Astrobiology from the University of Buckingham.

He issued a statement not too long ago, discussing how he actually found even more proof of the fact that within our DNA appears to be alien molecules that pertain to some other celestial body altogether.

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