Newly Released Luis Elizondo Emails: A Breakdown Analysis

 Find out about the process Mr. Elizondo utilized to have the three “UAP videos” reviewed by the Pentagon, and, what the e-mails reveal about the videos themselves. I’ll even go through what the e-mails DON’T reveal, despite what some may want you to think. In addition to the documented facts, I’ll break down a statement on this very issue by Luis Elizondo himself, made through George Knapp and Coast to Coast AM (not KLAS-TV/Las Vegas). Why would Mr. Elizondo respond this way, and not through their own PR department/firm working with To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science? What important details did Mr. Elizondo omit from his statement to justify his actions? I’ll use his own words to prove these discrepancies and possible outright fabrications to protect his story. Lastly, I will break down the downright fabricated (yes, I’ll prove it) “reporting” by some bloggers/”journalists” that are twisting the facts, and even making up their own, to fit TTSA’s agenda and protect their image. Don’t take my word for it — I’ll show you the proof and let you decide by showing you their own words, not mine, and verifiable evidence to disprove their claims to you, all while parading as “unbiased journalists.” Who do you believe when it is all said and done? You decide… join me for a fun and informative analysis of what these documents really are… and aren’t.




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