New Released Pictures of the Famous Area 51

A new series of pictures of Area 51 was recently revealed to be posted up online during the Joe Rogan Experience podcast as private Gabe Zeifman reported that he has had the privilege of flying above the mysterious military base, recording his whole experience step by step.

The podcast will officially start in September and it will be solely on Spotify. He said that the pictures that he’s taken of the military base are definitely special, as they had never seen Area 51 like this before.

Rogan talked with plenty of researchers, storytellers, and aficionados from the community which has talked about their military base, so this is no new occurrence at his podcast, but this, from the looks of it, will completely shock everyone involved as it will show us a whole new side to Area 51 we haven’t even considered before.

Zeifman lives pretty close to the Edwards Air Force Base from Kern County, Southern California, and has stated that he’s had to ask for permission to cross over Area 51 before this all happened.

He also recorded the whole exchange, as he was afraid that they were simply going to state that they’ve not approved of any flights afterward, leaving him to become an easy target for the assassination of some sort.

There are plenty of secrets that lie inside of the mysterious Area 51 so this will definitely be an interesting podcast, to say the least. Are you planning on tuning in? Cause we are.


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