NASA Administrator Suspended After Claims of Inevitable Alien Invasion Until 2025

Charles Bolden is commonly referred to as one of NASA’s greatest officials and by far one of the smartest individuals in the industry.

Recently however he was forced to go on sick leave by the higher-ups after he stated that an alien invasion was coming around 2025.

You might think that this is rather silly but Charles is anything but a joke. He is one of the original NASA veterans and he’s spent well over 680 hours in space. He was a part of 4 different space flights and he has been working for NASA as an administrator for them since 2009.

He couldn’t hold his mouth for long though as he ended up stating during an interview in Huston that advanced aliens will be coming for us in 2025.

He also proclaimed that they have proof of over 30,000 active civilizations out there and that for the past ten years or so these aliens have been preparing themselves for their inevitable attack while we’ve been hoping that they’d leave us alone.

While he was talking, he was accompanied by two NASA employees. In order to try to actually silence the crowds yet again, another NASA spokesperson ended up talking on his behalf, stating that Charles actually let his depression get to him and that he was speaking out of turn.

He is not the first NASA official to state this and he won’t be the last either. If what he said is true then we only have a few years to prepare for the attack.

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