Curiosity Rover Spotted a Metallic Alien Ship On Mars, Hidden In Plain Sight by NASA Image Editor

Right after their first Apollo missions in 1969 theorists all around the globe have been trusting NASA less and less.

After their supposed walk on the Moon, they’ve been generally inactive around the field, with very little discoveries to warrant the huge budget that goes into their projects.

Although they state that they are on our side, NASA oftentimes seems to forget all about this in order to keep the truth away from us.

Take for example the most recent discovery which was made by a random online user.

You can see it yourself in the pictures here, a spaceship has been spotted on the surface of Mars by the Curiosity Rover.

But, NASA disagrees with this discovery stating that it’s just a boulder of some sort. True, it may appear to look so in the original picture, but the brave onlooker believes that they’ve used Photoshop to edit it into looking so.

By using Photoshop himself he was able to clear out the rust pixels which NASA added themselves and so he showcased what was really discovered on the surface of Mars.

Do you think NASA is lying to us or is this a fluke?

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