Matias De Stefano ~ Memories of The Mother Civilization… The Atlantis Experiment

Feb 28, 2021

One Unforgettable Journey Through The Akashic Records with Matias De Stefano. Matias De Stefano relays his memories from the time he lived in Atlantis and learned their most important stories of creating life as we know it. This includes the human experiment which began as the Annunaki/ Aessir came to Earth and would become a part of the Atlantis experiment. They could not survive well here, and knew they had to pair their DNA with indigenous humans. Through a treaty between Arcturians and Aessir, the sons and daughters of the stars were born. They became the 12 families of Atlantis and were connected with 12 portals to the universe. Ultimately, the time of the Annunaki had to come to an end, and the galactic confederation took drastic steps that is now remembered as a war between angels and demons.

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