The UFO report to the US Senate – Dr. Greer on the planned “disclosure” of information about UFOs

Jan 20, 2021

The Director of The Disclosure Project Dr. Steven Greer speaks about the upcoming report to the US Senate of the military and the intelligence community of the USA on the UFO issue. The information about the “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) must be provided within 180 days from the day Donald Trump has signed the COVID Relief Bill in December, 2020.

– What is their hidden agenda?
– What kind of disinformation is constantly being provided to the public through the mass media?
– What scenario is going to unfold after the 180-day report and for what purpose?
– What can we, humans, do to prevent bad things from happening and have a better future on this beautiful planet and in the Cosmos?

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3 thoughts on “The UFO report to the US Senate – Dr. Greer on the planned “disclosure” of information about UFOs”

  1. These illegal organizations within countries must be exposed, the governments of all countries are elected by the people to represent the people, if the government’s don,t Know, why have none of the available documents been provided to people in charge of governments.

  2. Dr Greer = a mystery stuffed inside a puzzle box. Why is it that he is apparently the only one that has all the available information on this subject? Why is he the only “reliable” go-to person on this international conundrum? Could it be he has his own hidden agenda too?

    • Money is a great motivator. UFOlogy is loaded with money seeking profits. “Keep an open mind, we are not alone, look at my findings, it is going to happen soon, be ready” all of these grand illusionary comments are there to hook you into watching, listening and of course buying the storybook candy they sell. Be wise, start your own UFO site today!!! Long live the Dr. Greer’s, of capitalism.


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